Our Services

Sea Freight

Being an active participant in the market of international sea freight, SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD has established connections with the largest shipping companies, which allows you to transport goods in containers and without them from all ports of the world and provide you with the highest level of quality of transportation, as well as guarantee a place and best prices. Sea transport is the simplest, most reliable, and optimal type of transport. We provide a full range of services for the organisations of multi-modal transport: sea transport, including the organisation of sea freight, port forwarding services, customs, or transit clearance in the ports of Europe, Central, Eastern, South, South-West and South-East Asia, North, South, West, and East Africa, North and South America, Australia, as well as the subsequent delivery of cargo by various modes of transport. Our team employs experienced specialists who will efficiently process your cargo. Contact us and we will offer you competitive freight rates.

Transportation of goods in a container (LCL - Less than Container Load) SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD offers, consolidation and delivery of goods in prefabricated containers - LCL which are issued weekly from Europe, Central, Eastern, South, South-West and South-East Asia, North, South, West and East Africa, North and South America, Australia, China and Asia.

As a specialist in FCL / LCL, SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD carries out sea and multimodal deliveries of cargo from any port of the world to the ports of the Baltic Sea, reloads it to road transport and delivers it to MALAYSIA at the customs of the recipient.

Ship Brokering and Chartering

Chartering and Ship Brokering constitute a highly specialized discipline and needless to say it forms an integral portion of the global shipping industry.

SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD competitive chartering and brokering activities are focused on negotiating and concluding periodic charters for vessels of all types. We are staffed by experienced brokers and managers and one of the major factors behind our success in this area has been our absolute commitment to delivering high quality service and maximizing potential earning in the most effective manners. We have main aim to satisfy our clients, through our broaden network of close personal contacts it maintains, both ship owners and ship charterers, with whom we are dealing with since many years. Furthermore, we are the direct brokers for a considerable number of vessels, who are trading mostly at South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Java Sea, Black Sea range, Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic Sea and Continent destinations.

Our continuous analysis of market trends and close watch on emerging opportunities in a rapidly changing environment allow us to offer up-to-date advice to our principals.

Tug and Barge Services

Tugs and barges are the workhorses of the offshore and marine world. They transport all types of cargo, often to remote areas with little infrastructure. Since 2012, Shogime Trading Sdn Bhd have provided tug and barge services in support of countless oil & gas and construction projects throughout the Southeast Asia.

Shogime Trading Sdn Bhd operates our fleet of modern support and service craft which includes tugs and barges. Operating through our dedicated charter team in Asia we divide our representation evenly between owner’s brokering and chartering worldwide. We have a close relationship with several internationally renowned ship owners including ourselves and are pleased to represent them throughout the world for their brokering requirements. We are presently representing owners with tonnage ranging in size from 2,000 to 200,000 DWT.

We aim to find the right vessel first time, every time whilst meeting or exceeding our client’s operational and commercial expectations. From sourcing the vessel to on-site supervision at port of discharge, we offer a door-to-door hassle free chartering experience for our partners.
Tow tugs are well suited for a variety of tasks ranging from general towage and barge handling in support of dredging operations to serving as monitoring or guard vessels. Our tugs are also often involved in berthing assistance and towing third party equipment.
Barges are equally versatile. Our barges are approved for ballasting and have the deck strength required for heavy lift Ro-Ro operations. Barge transportation can also be used to carry coal, gypsum, clinker and other bulk cargo or other materials for offshore construction, as well as for lighterage and general cargo.

Bulk and Dry Cargo

Shogime Trading Sdn Bhd can assist you with any size of project cargo or heavy lifts through to full handy size, handymax, panamax and cape size bulk ships. Chartering vessels is what we do, which allows you to focus on your business. With the location close to Strait of Malacca in Malaysia, the Asia-Pacific region is our home ground, but we are experienced at arranging vessels in Europe and the Middle East as well.

The company has already set the ground towards developing and enhancing its internal and external resources, to strategically position itself as reputable and reliable player not only in Malaysian market but throughout the world.

Our long-standing reputation and commitment to excellence has made us broaden our horizons. We have been offered several opportunities in trading coal and exporting raw minerals throughout Asia.

Coal Handling

Our company is well experienced in handling coal right from the mining site, loading at port and shipping it to various of destination including discharging operation.

Our numerous reliable sources of mine owners with established relation aids us into trading it worldwide including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and USA. We are determining to upscale our services to worldwide with transport services for raw materials such as coal, iron ore, grain (wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.), wood chips and pulp. Our Coal products varies from 4000 CV ADB up to 6800 CV ADB which has been produced up to 5 to 7 million Metric Tonne annually.


As a regional hub, SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD take the leverage of marking its presence is presence is providing transhipment and transloading services.
We are providing transhipment services with weekly consolidation from various Port of Loading and numerous direct consolidation services exporting from Port Klang, Penang Port, Tg Bruas Port, Johor Port (including PTP), Lumut Port, Bintulu Port and Miri Port.

With an improved infrastructure of our port facilities to cater the transhipment activities within the Southeast Asia region hence we are geared to handle all kind of general cargoes other than hazardous or dangerous goods which require prior approval of acceptance.

One of our most innovative services of our agents and partner is our simplified handing of transhipment cargo with detailed update of consignment and fast tracking with minimum hassle.


(Minerals, Frozen Poultry, Food, Agriculture and Medical)

SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD supports and provides raw materials to basic industries, such as steel and electric power, that are essential to social infrastructures. The Division engages in global mining and trading of iron ore, coal, petroleum coke, clinker, base metals, and minor metals. The Division is also involved in the development and trading of non-ferrous metal materials (mainly aluminium), the trading of metal materials and products, recycling, and other businesses.

SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD is also a worldwide poultry trading company and supplier of poultry and other food products. We are well experienced company in Frozen chicken (also Halal), Tuna fish, other food, and agriculture products.

SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD supplies a wide variety of nitrile gloves, which come in all available colours, sizes, and weights. Our resources and affiliations enable us to provide you with the right type of glove that comply to your requirements, while delivering on your value for money.
Note: The specifications mentioned are for common varieties of nitrile gloves. Specifications may vary based on colour, size, and varieties of nitrile gloves.

Air Freight

SHOGIME TRADING SDN BHD focuses on providing minimum cost yet with satisfactory services with numerous partners of Air Freighters we have worked with this past 9 years. Here we guaranteed cost effective, smooth delivery of the cargo.

We are experienced with transporting urgency cargo such as medical gloves. Addition to that, we are working to provide larger range of products which uses massive Air cargo in our Air Freighting operation.